As an accredited UMALUSI school, Harvest High offers a high standard of education in line with the requirements of the Department of Education. Teachers use creative lessons to try to stimulate the minds of all their learners and are committed to offering each child the best. Learners are given personal attention in a caring environment.

The ultimate aim is to give each student a solid academic foundation that will allow them to develop to their full, God-given potential.

The school offers subjects for both the General Education and Training Phase (Grade 8 and 9) and the Further Education and Training Phase (Grade 10 – 12).

BYOD & Google Classroom:

As a responsive, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) school, we have embraced the 4th Industrial Revolution to ensure that each of our students is provided with every opportunity to fulfil their potential. Our Google Classrooms are rich with content for students to learn (even when they cannot attend school), refer back to and revise throughout the year.

Please see various resources under the Student Portal to assist in understanding our online teaching programme.

Subjects offered to Grade 8 and 9 learners:

  • English Home Language

  • isiZulu First Additional Language

  • Mathematics

  • Life Orientation

  • Natural Sciences

  • Social Sciences

  • Economic Management Sciences

  • Creative Arts

  • Technology

Subjects offered to Grade 10 to 12 learners:

  • English or isiZulu Home Language

  • English or isiZulu First Additional Language (dependant on the choice of home language i.e. if the learner chooses English at Home Language level he/she must take isiZulu at First Additional Language level.)

  • Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy

  • Life Orientation

  • Accounting or Geography

  • Physical Sciences (ONLY for students who take pure Mathematics) or Business Studies

  • Life Sciences or History

(Subject choices in grade 10 to 12 is subject to the availability of space in the subject and the ability of the learner. A diagnostic test will be used to determine whether a learner qualifies for Mathematics)